>womyn’s studies 101

So a little while ago, I decided to register for a womyn’s studies class called “Midwifery: the Politics of Birth.” Stop laughing. I was actually really excited to take this class for a number of reasons:
1) A lot of my research lately has been about care ethics and care work so I thought this class might help to round that out a bit.
2) I have developed an unhealthy obsession with birthing practices and, well, babies and child-raising in general that I thought I would make worse.
3) I thought that I would try and break down another stereotype about how all womyn’s studies classes are wanky girl classes full of talk about chakras, vaginas, and sisterhood.

Well. Let’s just say that the stereotype in 3) is alive and well and in no mood to be transcended. Fack me. This class was unbearably bad. Really, really quite bad.

(Ezmy walks into classroom)

Silly womyn’s studies class girl #1: …so yeah, I was like, on my way here and I saw these little flowers and I remembered how like, when I was little I used to make daisy chains with my mum and I was like, wow I need to make daisy chains now so I did and it really helped to unleash my spirit and made me a better person and really, the whole world could be made better by daisy chains and unicorns and pixies.

Silly womyn’s studies class girl #2: yeah, totally eh? I know, daisy chains are like, so deep.

Ezmy: *vomit*


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