Alright, so I haven’t been around for awhile. The truth is that I kept trying to start an “update” post but it was just so dull and lengthy that I kept giving up. So here’s what’s happened in point form:
*I have a new job – Internal Sales Support -Public Sector at Microsoft Canada
*I have new hair as evidenced above.
*I am going to Carleton University in the fall to work on my MA in political science.
*I won a bunch of scholarship money for being all brainy and such.
*My younger sister is getting married which officially makes me old.
*My relationship with the l-dog is still going strong – a fact that may not be big news to those who don’t know me but is probably pretty surprising news to those who do.
*I celebrated my one year blogger anniversary, albeit without my blogger buddies.

That’s the whole shebang. I mean, I could get into the long and sordid story of how I quit my job at Jacob (I walked out one night – it was bee u ti ful) but it’s pretty much your basic I-hate-retail-management-pushed-me-over-the-edge-would-have-killed
-a-customer-if-I’d-stayed-much-longer-so -really-I-did-this-for-better-of-humankind sort of nonsense. I could also get into the details of my two hour stint at a call centre, where I learned the finer points of selling health insurance crap to Americans, but that story is pretty much a shorter version of the previous. I could also get into the details of how I moved from receptionist at Microsoft to Internal Sales, but that story is a little dangerous. Let’s just say that the person who was working in Internal Sales is no longer with the company and, given how she left things, will unlikely be hired anywhere else in Ottawa this century. Thank god for people doing stupid things is all I can say. Now I have a spiffy job with my own cubicle, computer, and phone line. Hello corporate Canada, I’m here to have my soul sucked in a different way. I’ll admit that I felt bad about working for another giant corporation, but rationalized this career move (rather accident – I basically fell into this one) by saying that a) it’s only for a little while and b) at least my soul is being sucked for more than minimum wage. Further, the office is fantastic and I’ve met some great people. So whatever.

Anyways, I’m back. I must be off for a film now but Happy Easter everybody – not that this means very much to me, what with my being completely void of religious sentiment and all. I hope you’re all having a lovely time thinking about J-boy or whoever it is you think about on this day. Tata for now!



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  1. >Your hair looks fantastic! Great colour! :) I’ve been working on a reply to your e-mail, but with two exams and an essay last week and two more exams this week i’ve been a tad stressed!-Leah

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