>blogger update part one (also known as A. is a lame-o…ok he isn’t, but he is …no he’s a lame-o)



I know, it’s been centuries. But I’ve been ridiculously busy. An update:

*it’s 2007
*I was visited by THREE different sets of company, thus making me (and l-dog) feel very popular
*I no longer work in retail

First things first. It’s 2007! I love the new year feeling. At no other time of the year do I have that redo-fix-er-up-this-is-your-time feeling like I do at New Years. But before reviewing my lofty, overly optimistic goals for this year, let’s sum up last years dismal achievements, shall we?

1) I learned how to knit.
2) I got a BaH in Political Science.
3) I semi-successfully relocated to a new city.
4) I raised a tiny kitten, who is now a crazy cat (ok, I’m reaching here but I really didn’t do all that much).
5) I did NOT kill a single customer.

Oh and I met a singularly attractive man and managed to convince him that, while I am crazy, I am also a worthwhile relationship investment. Silly boy.

Anyways, given that last year was rather uneventful in terms of great achievements, (such as discovering the cure for AIDS or fine-tuning my proposal for brain transplant procedures), this years goals are as follows:

1) To get accepted into an MA program, preferably at Carleton University.
2) To learn how to speak French well enough that I can say bilingual on my resume.
3) To not get pregnant, married or similar.
4) To become a certified yoga instructor.
5) To discover the cure for the common cold.

Right. I’m off to a good start. Applications are going in and I’ve plugged some French dialogue onto my iPod so that I spend each morning listening to Mme so and so buying a “juicy steak” from the butcher and Mon. so and so talking about the weather a la francais. I am not, to my knowledge pregnant or married or similar. And I’ve researched yoga studios in Ottawa and am signing up for classes to get back in shape as we speak.

The common cold cure will have to wait until March.


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