>i’ll be back

Well, I didn’t make it. So I’m sure my fellow blogger pals will understand if I take a few more days off to figure out my nonsense.

I leave you with this little update on my life: I learned that David Mangle plays an interesting trombone, and that the words to “oh when the saints go marching in” should NOT be remade into a political song. I realize now that I love Dr. Dennis with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and that I’m an academic-for-life type of person- even if right now it doesn’t seem that way. I also learned that my back is hilarious for a number of reasons, that poliscigeeks kick unbelieveable ass, and that the Port Williams parade is the funniest when seen in the rain. I feel sorry for the Port Williams princess. I know now that life is going to keep dishing it out and I also know that I’m going to keeping throwing it back in her bitchy face. Take that! And finally, I have learned to relax. After all, it could be worse. There could be snakes.


3 thoughts on “>i’ll be back

  1. >1) He plays a MEAN trombone. Mangle for life. And when the votes come rolling in is VERY confusing. Especially after 10pm. And possibly a Guinness and a half.2) And he wasn’t wearing a wedding band! (My initial response to Ange’s attempt to point this out was “What? He’s missing a finger?”)3) Poliscigeeks DO kick unbelievable ass.4) I don’t.5) There can ALWAYS be snakes. And not the cute ones, like gardener or baby pythons… the mean ones like anacondas and that big-ass snake from Harry Potter.Angela – You’re the awesome. Just keep that in mind.

  2. >Understand? You must be talking about your other blogger pals, because I demand more posts…especially on this Dr. Dennis who instills such fiery feelings in you, or why your back is hilarious! Seriously, glad to hear you are fighting back against the bitchiness of life and relaxing. Good luck with the work and again, will be waiting for your eventual return! :)

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