>2 1/2 days

2 1/2 days….good god I’m nervous that I’m not going to make it. And holy crap but do I want to sleep.


6 thoughts on “>2 1/2 days

  1. >I think we all know that Angela is on a roll at this time.Speaking of which… I could really go for a sandwich. Ergo: I shall.Also… you need to use the word ‘ergo’ in your thesis at least once.

  2. >You can only use ergo if you have already mastered the correct use of thus. It is an unbendable rule. Catnap and keep on rolling!! Free drinks await…

  3. >Sweet Jeebers, the suspense is killing me! It’s June 8th the magical T-Day. Hoping no posts are good posts i.e., you are asleep or drunk or both ;)

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