>SSB – Secret Single Person Behaviour

I miss having a roommate for the following reasons: someone to talk to other than the cat (no offense Zoe), safety in numbers, and background noise. That being said, not having a roommate for the first time in three years has allowed me to return to some of my favourite pastimes, aptly named “secret single person behaviour” in an episode of SATC – the stuff you would never do while living with someone.

Some of my secret single person behaviour:

1) Mashing up avocado with lemon juice into a mask, applying this lumpy green goo to my face and then watching SATC while eating excess face mask with toasted pita.

2) Doing the above activity but also nuking some hand lotion in two bowls and sticking my hands and feet in said bowls.

3) Dancing to the “Footloose” soundtrack after a shower, dressed in a towel while munching on a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

4) Lying with cold teabags on my eyes while listening to Stewart MacLean.

5) Talking to the cat in bad German and even worse French.

The first four are old habits that I acquired when I was in highschool (replace SATC with Friends and Stewart MacLean with Alanis). The last one is new and useful I think…nothing like practicing the conjugation of verbs.


6 thoughts on “>SSB – Secret Single Person Behaviour

  1. >Stewart Maclean!! I used to listen to him every Sunday while drinking my coffee – I think I will start up again. It’s hard to pick a favorite but when Dave teaches the cat to use the toilet, that’s pretty damn funny :)

  2. >lol yeah that one is awesome! how about the one where Morley directs the Christmas Concert? sooooo funny. :) My mum gave me a double cd pack of vinyl cafe which has been on repeat lately.

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