Five things I’m going to do when I’m done my thesis:

1) Learn how to cook/bake well. I love cooking but I’m terrible at it. I’m a decent little baker but I need to expand my horizons (tackle pastry and so on).

2) Learn how to speak french and german.

3) Become a yoga instructor. This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I’m really getting into yoga again. I think that helping other people to get relaxed would be a wicked job and certainly better than listening people bitch about the temperature of their damned latte.

4) Take ballroom dancing lessons – any takers for a partner? guy or girl I don’t care.

5) Laundry.


3 thoughts on “>goals

  1. >Ballroom dancing? Oh I’d be so up for that. If there are two weakness I have with women, it’s nice eyes and someone who knows how to lead (not shove!) on the dance floor. Very attractive.

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