book club

For the women of book club,

When I arrived in Israel, I mentally prepared myself for three years of superficial friendships. You know the ones – people you hang out with because meh, you get along and you might as well have friends as not when you’re stuck in a place for three years. I thought I’d join some groups, just to get to know folks so I wouldn’t be bored senseless. When a book club was suggested, I figured sure, why not?

I did not anticipate your awesomeness.

I did not know, for example, when I agreed to join book club, that I would be agreeing to meet a group of fantastically funny, crazy smart women every single month. I did not know that I would count the days to the next monthly meeting, that I would arrange my entire schedule just to get to said meeting, and that I would come home after each meeting feeling refreshed and ready for another month. I did not anticipate the relief, the powerful feeling of release that these meetings would provide, as I vented the frustrations/joys/ridiculousness of living in this maddening country with husbands who have maddening jobs. I did not know I would be gaining incredibly dear, lifelong friends.

I did not know how much I needed this group until I had it, and then had to say goodbye.

Thank you. Thank you for the friendship, the support, the laughter, the intense conversations about nothings, and the light conversations about somethings. Thank you for helping me navigate this post. Thank you for three years of joy.

So much love.


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