here I am!

Right, a proper update.

So what’s new? Well, I’m still pregnant, heading into the third trimester now and feeling pretty good/terrified about things. Typical mixed emotions I expect every pregnant-with-second-child woman goes through – can’t wait to meet baby number two, but don’t actually feel like giving birth to baby number two. Excited about having a friend for Budsie, but not excited about staying up all night feeding that (likely screaming) friend. That sort of thing.

As mentioned in my previous quick post, baby number two is a girl. Her name will begin with an E, just like Budsie’s. We did ask Budsie’s opinion on names, but his suggestions (Wyatt, ABCDP, and GAHHwem) didn’t seem to stick. Instead, we’ve let him choose other things – special toys for the baby, a few girly onesies, and so on. He’s pretty excited about the whole thing, a feeling that is sure to last precisely one hour into her life on this planet, at which point he will realize he has to share his folks AND his books. Ah well.

I wish I could say that other things are new, but life has been chugging along at a pleasant speed and in the same pleasant routine for the last month or so now. It’s the definition of calm before the storm. Budsie and I spend our days baking, playing games outside and in, and organizing the house for The Big Move next year (more on that in a future post). We also spend our time chatting about stuff and this is where things get interesting. To me, anyway.

Budsie asks roughly a billion questions each day. Some questions are relatively simple (Where does milk come from? Why Zoe no talk?) but others require considerable thought. Questions such as “Where Daddy’s Bubba go?” when I explained that A.’s grandfather had died, for example, have forced me to choose my words carefully. On the one hand, I don’t like to blow off or overly simplify the answers, but on the other hand I don’t want to be too wordy and weird in my response. Yes, answering a 2 1/2 year old’s questions is tricky business indeed. For instance:

(while standing in line at the grocery store…)

Budsie: “That person is sad.” *points to a sad-faced Kardashian pictured on one of the assorted tabloid magazines at the checkout counter*

Me: “She does seem to be sad, yes.”

Budsie: “Why she sad?”

(The overly simple answer: “I don’t know.” This will not satisfy my two year old. “I don’t know” never satisfies the curious mind, but instead prompts further questions regarding my intelligence. Why doesn’t Mummy know? Why is Mummy so useless? But the complicated answer isn’t much better: “I don’t really know, kid. She’s young, beautiful and living in the 1%. But she keeps making these terrible life choices, hooking up with idiots, and partying a bit too much, and worrying far too much about what people think. What she should do is take a step back from it all and think about what she needs and wants. And then just go out and get it, you know? ‘Cause she has the means! Nothing but her mind is holding her back from having a great life and being happy. This stuff drives me crazy.” Yeah, that’s going to go over his head.)

Me: “Well, sometimes when people have too much money, they don’t know what to do with themselves, and so they get kind of sad.”

Budsie: *nods head in solemn and concerned way* “Ewie make her feel better? Give a hug and kiss?”

Me: *heart melts* “Yes, I’m sure you could make her feel better by giving her a hug and a kiss.”

Budsie: *beams*





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