pre-West Wing conversation #3

You were probably starting to wonder if A. and I even talk anymore. Or at the very least if we talk about anything more than my physical well-being, or what he needs to nab for me from the shops…

Scene: A. and Ezmy are in bed, preparing to watch an episode of The West Wing. Prior to said episode watching, A. decides to peruse his new GQ. Jealous, Ezmy curses the postman for not bringing her the much anticipated September issue and then moves on to some light Jezebel reading. But she does notice a handsome fellow on the GQ…

Ezmy: “Who’s the fellow on the cover? A football player? He sure is dreamy….”

A.: *looks at cover*

Ezmy: “…handsome, handsome, handsome.”

A.: “It’s Tim Tebow.”

Ezmy: “Who is…wait…”

A.: “The crazy Christian one.”

Ezmy: “Shhhh…shhhh, no he’s just handsome.”

A.: “Uh huh.”


A.: *holds magazine up to Ezmy’s face* “ooooh I lurve Jesus.”

Ezmy: *glares at A.* “shhh handsome.”


A.: *holds up magazine to Ezmy’s face again* “I’m super pro-life!”

Ezmy: *tries to ignore A.*


A.: *holds up magazine to Ezmy’s face again* “Vote Mitt Romney!”

Ezmy: “Hmpf.”


A.: *holds up magazine to Ezmy’s face again* “Tom Akin had a point.”

Ezmy: “Why?! Why. No. Just handsome.”

A.: *snicker*


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