post-West Wing conversation #2

Somewhere in the midst of wondering whether or not we should have a second baby, I managed to get pregnant. Ha! I am at once both disturbed and thrilled at the idea of having another baby. Or two babies – Budsie is pretty convinced that there are two babies in there. I think it’s just because he likes the number two, but it’s still unnerving to hear him say “Hi babies!”. Yikes.

Anyway, so I’m 7 weeks along and doing ok. It’s the same as last time – tired, moody, vomity, and a terrible case of pregnancy brain. So far, I have forgotten to put soap in the diaper laundry, I have forgotten to wash conditioner out of my hair, I have tried to make coffee with cold water, and I have overfed the cat twice.  I have also been feeling sicky at night so it’s back to the whole soda-crackers-in-the-bedside-table fun again. Which brings me to my brief post-West Wing conversation….

(Scene: Ezmy and A. have just finished watching an episode of The West Wing, and are now chuckling about this guy we saw in Byward Market the other night who informed us and everyone around him that he had to “fix his nuts”.)

Ezmy: “…just awful and funny all at once. What did EH think?”

A.: “Definitely amused.”

Ezmy: “Hilarious. On an unrelated note, I wonder when we should start telling people that we’re knocked up again.” (<–NOTE: This part of the conversation happened in my head, something I have a terrible knack of doing when I’m pregnant. I definitely thought I said it out loud.) “So have you mentioned it to AH?” (<–I am now referring to the pregnancy and not the guy we saw the other night…)

A.: “Haven’t had a chance to, no.”

Ezmy: “…or anyone at work?”

A.: “Well, it’s not exactly a lunch table type thing to bring up.”

Ezmy: “I’m not lunch table worthy?”

A.: “…?”

Ezmy: “What’s so wrong about telling people at the lunch table? It’s just a baby.”

A.: *looks at Ezmy with a half puzzled, half amused look on his face*

Ezmy: “What?”

A.: “What are you talking about?”

Ezmy: “The baby. Why, what are you talking about?”

A.: “The gotta fix my nuts guy.”

Ezmy: “Oh dear. I had that first part of the conversation in my head, didn’t I?”

A.: “So it would seem, yes.”

Ezmy: “Sigh.”

(short pause)

A.: “Or maybe you didn’t.”

Ezmy: “…”

A.: “I could just be messing with you. Maybe you did segway.”

Ezmy: “What!? Did I or didn’t I segway?”

A.: *chuckles* “You didn’t.”

Ezmy: “Ok, well goodnight then.”

(short pause) 

A.: “Or did you…”

Ezmy: “Goddamit, stop messing with me!”

A.: *snickers* Alright, bedtime.

*lights are turned out, but suddenly Ezmy feels the need to consume crackers. No matter, she can see well enough in the dark to find said crackers and she begins to munch on one while searching for her phone to play scrabble.*

Ezmy: *munch munch munch*

A.: “Soooo….you’re just going to sit in the dark eating crackers now eh?”

Ezmy: *snorts crackers out nose, laughing* Yes, yes I am. What of it?”

A.: “Alright then.” *laughs at crazy wife* 


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