ezmy’s yoga challenge

When not thesis-ing and looking after a now very dramatic little boy, I spend my time yoga-ing. I usually get in 3-4 sessions each week, depending on my mood and the weather. I do so love my moments with Rodney Yee and feel most comfortable when I’m balancing on one leg, or working on a new pose.

I’ve had to stop running for a little while, so my mornings have just been freed up quite a bit. What better time to set up a little yoga challenge for myself? So here goes:

For the next 30 days, I aim to practice yoga for 1 hour, and to meditate for 15 minutes each day. The meditation is where things are going to fall of the wheels, I suspect. Not having the money for classes, I have to be the one who convinces me to sit still for 15 minutes. And I’m a difficult meditation student, prone to wandering about the house picking up socks and cleaning Crayola off of the walls. But meditate I must! My best writing is done post-meditation, to say nothing of the fact that I could use the 15 minutes to re-group after a day of being told “NOOOOOOOO!” even when the question is “Would you like to go to the park and eat snacks?” (the way toddlers enter the world is strikingly similar to teenagers…this is both amusing and terrifying to me…).

Anyway, so this is my yoga challenge. I will, of course, post updates here. Yogarific!


5 thoughts on “ezmy’s yoga challenge

  1. I have the book the Meditation Guide for Dummies. It is enlightening! Hardy har har. When I first wrote this, I wrote “Medication” instead of “Meditation”. Hmm. Anyway, the book is very helpful!

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