cookie monster

On my first Mother’s Day, I wasn’t technically a mum yet. I was supposed to be – weeks before, I was told to expect the baby “any day now” (what a laugh – he was a day late, rather than the expected 12 weeks early). I spent the day on the couch watching bad television and eating my weight in jellybeans. I remember being bored, which amuses me because if there’s one thing I don’t have time for now, it’s boredom.

On my second Mother’s Day, I slept in until 9:30am!! It was oh so glorious. Later, my 11 month old sat in bed with me while I sipped coffee and opened up fun cards and gifties (a copy of one of my favourite movies, ‘Stranger than Fiction’). And we had macaroni and cheese for dinner – the special Jamie Oliver mac and cheese with the five bajillion pounds of cheese in it. NOM! I must admit, though, that it felt super weird to be celebrating me on a spring day. May is a crazy month for birthdays in my family, and I think of it as a month when I have to buy a boatload of cards, not sit back and have cards sent to me. It’s nice, this spring holiday business. Really breaks up the time between Christmas and my birthday.

Today is my third Mother’s Day. Celebrations actually started last night, when the lovely LG came over to babysit so that A. and I could go to ‘Play’ for dinner (ridiculously tasty, as usual. Brown butter gnocci with fiddleheads….*drool*). No sleeping in this morning as the kid was up at 7:30 sharp (‘HIIIII!) and wanted to show me my books (he has this thing about taking all of the books off of one shelf in our room and asking the titles of each one. This activity simply must be done before anything else happens, which is cute most days and mildly irritating on days when we have an appointment to get to…). But it’s been the best morning anyway! First, my menfolk brought me coffee in bed, along with a peanut butter cupcake – NOM! I also opened a cookie monster card that my little dude picked out all by himself, a card which informed me that while cookies might be a sometimes food, I am an all the time loved mummy. Melt! Now we’re off to brunch at Carmen’s with Mum and Frenchie. Then teatime, naptime, and probably macaroni and cheese again.

All this to say that I love this day, but not because of the gifties and cards and suchlike (although it’s always a good day when one has coffee in bed). I love it because my little dude is the bestest and this day reminds me how lucky I am to have the bestest little dude around.



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