interpretive conversation with little person #1

(Scene: Ezmy and Budsie are in the kitchen, making breakfast.)

Ezmy: “So Budsie. What would you like for breakfast today?”

Budsie: “Os!!”

Ezmy: “Os?”

Budsie “A beebees!”

Ezmy: “And blueberries? Ok then.”

Budsie: *beams*

(Ezmy places 5 Os, a handful of blueberries and a cup of milk on the table while she gets to work making the real breakfast)

Budsie: “Dada?” *points to front door*

Ezmy: “Daddy’s at work. But he’ll be home soon. Toast?”

Budsie: “Toe!! A ja!”

Ezmy: “Yep, toast with jam and peanut butter. And coffee, but just for Mummy.”

Budsie: “MumMum caca.”

Ezmy: “Yep, Mummy’s coffee.” *sits at table, placing tasty pb&j down for herself and her little dude*

Budsie: *lifts milk cup* “Chi!”

Ezmy: *lifts coffee cup* “Cheers, dude.”

(Best. Day job. Ever.)


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