dec 1-8: wrap-up part 1

December, in my personal opinion, is not the time to be resolving to do anything. Particularly if one is the mother of an 18 month old. An 18 month old who, while adorable and obviously perfect, is insane and trying to kill me.

No, December is the time for taking stock of what has happened this past year. Accomplishments, failures, inspriations, etc. In the spirit of taking stock, this is part one of a few posts that will be dedicated to seeing just how well/badly this resolution project went (doing this has the added benefit of buying me time to decide what next year’s posts will be dedicated to…).

Let’s start with February, shall we? In February I resolved to do the following:

1. Write when baby sleeps – Done. And relatively successfully, I might add. New regular blogging gig with Torstar’s Winefox and a few good editing gigs as well. Hooray for productivity!
2. Answer phone always – I’d give this an 85% success rate. I really, really hate the phone.
3. Put on pants – Very successful. And I’ve had a super fun time wearing dresses and fun tights and skirts for no reason. I highly recommend putting on pants.
4. Learn to program heater – Check! *sitting in toasty room as we speak*
5. Get drunk occasionally – Definite check. :P
6. Eat dried beans – Totally unsuccessful. Boo. Better luck next year.
7. Take vitamins – Again, I’d say an 85% success rate. I forget some days but I’m pretty decent at this.
8. Put the DVDs and CDs in the right cases – Very successful. You’re welcome, A.
9. Find a place to keep bus tickets – One of the most successful and helpful resolutions. No longer do I frantically search for purple tickets. They are always where they are supposed to be. Woot!
10. Read books – Here, the goal was to read 52 from the BBC booklist. I read 30 books, and only some were from this list. Still, not bad. I discovered some awesome titles (The Great Gatsby, for example) and that I don’t always like what everyone else seems to find awesome (Love in the Time of Cholera, for example). Perhaps 52 will be possible next year…
11. Listen to music – I’d say 75% success rate here, due in part to the death of our stereo. I did expose Budise to some pretty wicked music this year. This pleases me.
12. Special Saturday breakfasts – Sometimes this was Sunday, if we had an appointment or I was feeling lazy. But this one was pretty easy to keep. Budsie favourite: blueberry pancakes topped with balkan-style yogurt. Yum!
13. Winterlude – Check!
14. Remember important dates using calendar – I gave up on the calendar but kept the date thing going with a notepad system. Total success, I think.
15. Dishwasher before bed – A 75% success rate. Not bad, not bad at all.
16. Stop eating Kraft peanut butter – 100% success, thank g*d.
17. Go for walks with Budsie – Also very successful. Budise and I have discovered parks, trails and fields, and generally had an awesome time on our little excursions.
18. Always have coffee – An unfortunate 95% success rate here – there were some troubling days in there…very troubling.
19. Fix the toilet – check (a few times, actually).
20. Stop eating Werther’s before bed – 100% successful. Woot!
21. Buy a plant and keep it alive – Both Edmund and Percy are still alive, although admittedly Edmund was looking a little rough for awhile there…still, check!
22. Drink water – Should have been easy, was in fact more challenging. About 85% success here I’d say.
23. Give myself a break – 50% success rate. Silly Ezmy.
24. Stay in better touch with my brother – check! Stayed at his place for two weeks in November and so many good times were had. Yaya!
25. Finish wedding thank yous – Done, although not by March. Pfft, still done though. Check!
26: Make bacon-wrapped dates – checkity tasty check!
27. Lose 10 lbs – Check and then some. Lost all 50lbs from pregnancy. Woot!


Phew! Sorry if that was dull. I’ll have interesting things to say again soon. December is my favourite but also my most tiring month. Off to stick 70 some odd stamps to 70 some odd letters….


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