a nephew, a niece and a hole in the ceiling

Why hello there!

Ok, so I definitely dropped off the face of the blogosphere for the past month and a bit. And here’s why:

1)      A. went to Europe for work for two weeks. I had a rotten cold for the first week and spent the last week catching up on work and trying to stop the kid from offing himself. He walks now, you see, and has now discovered new and glorious ways to give me a heart attack.

2)      While A. was away I was struck with the brilliant (read: completely stupid) idea to renovate the living room. It’s quite pretty – all navy blue and white trim with an actual fireplace. But it started to look less so when…

3)      Our hot water tank broke. This in and of itself was not a problem – like plenty of Ontarians, we rent our tank. Phew! Unfortunately we do not rent the gas ventilation pipe that carries the gas to the outside world. This too decided to crap out on us. Obscene amounts of money, and one giant hole in the ceiling that ran the length of our condo later…ugh. But surely that was the end of our house woes, right?

4)      Wrong. On the SAME DAY that I got the good news about the ventilation pipe, our desktop computer (read: the only computer with Word on it and therefore the only computer I can do most of my work on) came down with USB-port short flu. Into the repair shop she went. But that’s it, right Ezmy?

5)      Nope. While at the repair shop, I decided to upgrade my MacBook and purchase Word for Mac software. This was getting ridiculous, I thought, not being able to use the laptop for work. I brought the nicely updated darling back home and within a few hours, my wonderful son, the apple of my eye who I love oh so much, promptly killed it with a mug of cold coffee. It is so very dead. I cried.

6)      And then I ran away. Ok, I didn’t run away. But I did go on a two week trip to BC with the computer killer in tow. Lovely visits were had with my brother and his wife and my awesome extra cute nephew, HBomb.

7)      Some jerk on the plane gave my kid a crazy head cold. Seven snot-filled days later and here we are.

Awesome stuff happened too though. For one thing, I have a new niece, A-lo. So much cuteness! Being an aunt rocks my socks. For another, BC was way too much fun. I met up with old friends, saw family I never get to see, and most importantly, relaxed. I didn’t get to see everyone – sorry! – but seeing my brother was really why I went anyway. My baby brother is awesomeness personified.

So I’m back now. And I even have a new resolution for today: to finish my Christmas letter and Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas Day. I will be successful!

Update on previous resolutions: the aforementioned details concerning the last month have obviously cut into exercise time. First run in a few weeks tomorrow – oh but my legs are going to hate me…


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