budsie mail

(resolutions later)

Every so often (read: almost every day), and in spite of our sign that says “NO FLYERS!”, we get flyers in our mailbox. Until recently, these were an annoyance for me. They gave me false hope that I had real mail. It’s just disappointing, reaching into the mailbox and feeling what you think might be letters and then realizing no, it’s just a flyer for retirement homes or bathtub fitters or whathaveyou. Boo.

But lately, I’ve started to curse the days we don’t get flyers. Because if we don’t get flyers, then I have nothing to offer the kidlet as a reward for helping Mummy check the mail. Flyers, in other words, have become Budsie Mail. On a good day, Budsie will get a whole stack of mail, which he happily throws about the room and rips into little pieces that he then tries to feed to the cat. Awesome times are had by all (well except Zoe, but in all fairness she does get to play with the balls of flyer paper once Budsie has gone to sleep).

Anyway, yesterday we received some Budsie Mail in the form of a flyer booklet and a Pizza Pizza coupon flyer. Budsie was more intrigued by the booklet but A. and I kept eyeballing the Pizza Pizza pamphlet….

Ezmy: Dammit, I want pizza now.

A.: Me too. Stupid Budsie Mail.

Ezmy: Indeed.

A.: Well, we could make pizza.

Ezmy: No, the dough hasn’t thawed yet.

A.: We could use bread. You know, just lay out slices of bread.

Ezmy: (long pause) Uh huh, but the sauce hasn’t thawed yet either.

A.: Hmmm. Well, we could use mustard.

Ezmy: …

Update: even today, after reading this conversation, A.’s response was to mumble “Still think it could work…”


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