july 20: happy birthday cassy w.!

See these beautiful wedding invitations?

My fabulous cousin Cassy W. did these for us. Did I mention that she also designed the new logo and business card for Ezmy Writes? Yep, she’s amazing. She’s stylish and funny and she’s one of the nicest people I know. Oh and she has the BEST stories. She’s also 21 today – OMG! Most thrilled for her. xoxo

In other non-birthday related news, I’ve decided that it’s high time we updated our bathroom. Having very little money will make this challenging, but who doesn’t like a good challenge? The people who owned the house before us attempted a sort of half ass celestial theme in here. You know what I mean – bright blue and yellow with gold accessories and a spattering of smug-faced suns and moons all over the walls and shower curtain. The kind of thing that was popular in 1994. I don’t judge; I loved that theme too. Of course, I was 14 at the time and thought that belly chains were cool (remember belly chains?!?)….but whatever.

Thankfully, they took their smug-faced suns and moons with them. Unfortunately, they left behind a blue (albeit heated) tiled floor with bright yellow walls and some weird floral trim on the shower tiles (it’s unclear how the florals fit in…). The floor has to stay, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean I can’t redo everything else. Ezmy’s adventures in re-cocking (*snicker*) a tub? You’re in for a treat I’m sure!

But I can’t jump into the cocking (*snicker*) just yet. First, I’m going to do the only free thing that I can do and get paint chip samples. That’s the resolution for today: find a paint colour for the bathroom that a) works with the stupid floors and b) is agreeable to both A. and myself (a bigger challenge than one might expect).

Update on previous resolutions: ‘AM Yoga for Your Week’ with Mr. Yee will be mine! I’ve heard very good things.

Note: I do in fact know how to spell “caulking”. But choose to ignore that I do. Most mature.



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