july 14-18: catch up and conversation

First, how did the last few days go? Quite awesomely, actually.

July 14: take Budsie to the National Gallery again. Because the last time he went, he was two seconds old and slept the whole time. We saw the Caravaggio exhibit and it was awesome. Except for the beheading section.

July 15: an impromptu resolution that saw me NOT say something nasty to someone who deserved it. Rise above, I said to myself. And I did.

July 16: keep spare batteries in the house. Budsie’s music machine died and I had to rip the batteries out of our remote control in order to save the day. I mean, I did save the day but I would have preferred just going to the cupboard to get new batteries. Damn you, Playskool and your addictive music machines.

July 17: Try something new at the movies. I got almond M&Ms instead of popcorn. You know why? Because I don’t like movie theatre popcorn. I can’t stand the stuff. I always get it, though, because I love popcorn with a movie but I just like my popcorn and I’m not one of those organized types who remembers to make her own popcorn and sneak it in her purse. The M&Ms were awesome. Success.

And today’s resolution? To not let the end of the Harry Potter movies get me too down. Pathetic? A little bit. Do I care? Not so much.

Oh yes and here’s an example of a Monday night conversation with A.:

*watching The Office, season six Christmas episode*

Ezmy: “That’s what I want for Christmas.”

A.: “What?”

Ezmy: “The twelve days of Christmas.”

A.: “Ok baby.”

Ezmy: “But I want it in cake.”

A.: “…”

Ezmy: “Yes, in cake. I want the 12 days of Christmas in cake.”

A.: “In cake.”

Ezmy: “Yes. Like a partridge-shaped cake and french hen-shaped cakes. Twelve drummer cakes. Yes, that’s what I want.”

A.: “That’s nice dear.”


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