june 14: ezmy the drug addict (you knew this post was coming…)

This sounds a lot worse than it is.

So yesterday I got up early, went for a run, came home and made a tasty breakfast. Then once the kid was in bed for a nap, I rubbed my hands with glee as I headed into the kitchen to make my first cup of sweet sweet coffee. Usually I make coffee first thing, but since starting up the running again, I’ve been forced to wait. No problem – Ezmy can totally patiently wait fo…ok, I can’t even finish typing that sentence. I hate waiting for coffee but I simply must if I’m going to enjoy hot coffee on run mornings, so I do.


I took my precious coffee grinder out of the cupboard, the lovely stainless steel beast that baby brother IL gave to me so many years ago, and promptly dropped her on the counter. I don’t know how or why. I can only assume that I was jittery from lack of caffeine. But when I plugged her in and tried to grind my beans (that’s what she said), nothing happened! Gasp!!! Sad little grinder and even sadder Ezmy. I tried blending the beans in my little food processor, but all I got was smaller coffee beans. I used them anyway, with disastrous results. Disastrous results that I STILL DRANK. A low point for Ezmy. But I couldn’t go out and get a grinder at that moment and who knows how long Budsie might sleep so…yeah.

The second Budsie was up, we went out to buy a coffee grinder. Yes I may have neglected to mention in yesterday’s post that ‘errand day’ was almost completely inspired by the tragic death of my coffee grinder. And that the first stop wasn’t an errand but a stop at Starbucks for a proper cup of coffee. Oh Ezmy, you sad sad little drug addict.

So today’s resolution: cut back on the coffee. I think I might have suggested in other posts that I would never do this but I really think I should. If only so I don’t go into flying internal rages every time I am denied access to coffee. I currently drink three cups each day (two in the morning and one in the afternoon) which is down from my full-time grad student six per day habit *pats self on back without real reason to*. I’m going to shoot for two and then maybe, MAYBE shoot for one. I think I can replace the afternoon coffee with peppermint tea but there is no way that’s going to work in the morning right now. The withdrawal headaches alone could kill me. What? They totally could! You don’t know.



8 thoughts on “june 14: ezmy the drug addict (you knew this post was coming…)

  1. Caffeine withdrawal = hell. I had to get off coffee a couple years ago, and it was like being sick for a week. But god, it was nice when the quality of the entire day didn’t depend on consuming a substance in the morning anymore. Although I still resort to the occasional coffee and/or bracing cup of English Breakfast tea when I’m sleep-deprived.

    • That’s the thing – the success of the day depends upon this damn beverage. Sigh. Must escape the hold…must escape.

      I miss you xo

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