may 24/25/26: ezmy unplugged, unglued and unhomesick

Alright, so here’s what’s been happening.

On Tuesday, I just plum forgot to post. The resolution for that day was, oddly enough, inspired by Alicia Silverstone. While perusing an old Vogue, I noticed a link to Silverstone’s blog ‘The Kind Life‘. I’ve always been a big fan of Silverstone. When I was 15 it was because she was soooooo pretty and I wanted her hair. And her Clueless wardrobe, which at the time I was certain would make me cool. It wouldn’t have. Anyway, while I’m still super jealous of Silverstone’s hair (and mouth for that matter…oh to not be thin lipped), I’m more into her sustainable lifestyle. And her blog is full of nifty tips on how to save money and energy, eat well and friendly, and just live an all around kick ass green life. Woot! In the vein of saving energy and money, I decided to try her tip of unplugging everything that doesn’t need to be plugged in when it’s not being used. I have been moderately successful thus far but I have to admit to one exception beyond the fridge and stove: the baby monitor base. While I adore my baby monitor, I hate hate hate one feature on it. Every single time you turn the base on, it sings a little lullaby. Cute right? No. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to stop it and nothing, NOTHING is worse than finally getting a kid who refuses to nap off to sleep only to realize that you have forgotten to plug in the base and then having that goddamn lullaby play. Kid is up, and Mummy screams ‘ CURSE YOU V-TECH’. Of course, I could just make it part of my routine to plug the monitor base in before I try to put the kid to sleep. And maybe some magical day, I will do that. But that day is not today. And it wasn’t Tuesday either. So moderate success on May 24th’s ezmy goes unplugged resolution.

On Wednesday, we suddenly realized that we didn’t have any money. Ok not suddenly. We’ve never had money per se, but on Wednesday we realized that we were losing control of what little we had. Somewhere between getting married and blending our finances, and me not getting maternity benefits (*shakes fist*), our budget got all confused. Big sigh as Ezmy starts to feel financially and mentally unglued. Student loan debt looms large as does the never-ending string of monthly bills, birthdays, weddings etc. Worse, the freelance gigs are drying up since all the students went on vacation. Gah! Clearly, it was time for a complete over-haul of our financial plan. Wine needs to be purchased afterall and I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t afford good coffee and the odd piece of cake. So resolution for the 25th – create a budget and stick to it. After seven hours of hauling out all of our bills, income slips, and receipts that we thankfully had the good sense to save over the last 6 months, I finally devised a plan that can work for us. And it turns out Scotiabank is right – we are richer than we thought. Not much, but I didn’t get too troubled over the purchase of my pricey Kicking Horse coffee this week. Financially saavy Ezmy? Check!

Which brings us to today. Awesome Thursday, for which I am making an awesome vegan chocolate layer cake as I type. And sipping some inexpensive wine that was paid for by the incredibly kick ass discovery of a hidden wedding savings account. Past Ezmy, you sly gal you. Anyway, the resolution for today was to seriously sit down and figure out how to get home. ‘Home’ being Parksville-Qualicum Beach, BC, where I grew up and where my little brother still lives. As I’ve mentioned before, I never see IL and in a few months he and his wife will have a baby and I really want to be there to meet said kidlet. I’ve missed every major event in my brother’s life due to money shortages and pregnancy – I’m not missing this. Plus I haven’t been back home in years. Eight years in fact. I haven’t been back for any number of reasons, but I admit the major one is that I have very few fond memories associated with the place. Oh don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time with the Hillsdens and with a few other band friends and such. But overall, highschool was a total nightmare for me, salvaged only by the ridiculous amount of pot that I smoked. As soon as it ended, I got the hell out of Dodge. After going back a handful of times and hating every minute of it, I swore at 23 that I would never return. But something has changed in the last couple of years, and it isn’t just IL moving back there. I can’t put my finger on it but I really want to go back and see people. I miss the people and the town and all sorts of things. Ah what the passage of time does to pain, eh?

Update: Seat sale! I just booked the ticket. See you in November, P-QB! I’m getting a little excited…


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