may 18: tracking greens

Despite what this blog might imply, I am a relatively healthy eater. When I went through my Healthy Ezmy phase back in 2008/2009, much of the lifestyle did in fact stick. I’m a big believer in croissants for breakfast, but I enjoy a pile of fruit with said croissant. I like pizza but with 2 cups of vegetables. You get the idea.

Still, lately I’ve been wondering if my vegetable intake is really what I think it is. When it was just me and no kid, I was better able to focus on what I was consuming but somehow with kid, I can’t remember where I’ve put my plate let alone what I’ve eaten off of it. I do know this: I eat a lot of broccoli stems because the kid doesn’t eat them and waste not want not, right? But I also eat a lot of snacks and picky things and I’m not really sure that this is amounting to a beneficial vegetable and fruit intake.

Inspired yet again by Ms VonDoom, I’ve decided that today’s resolution will actually last one week: track vegetable intake and see if really consuming enough each day. Bad start today – I forgot to write things down. But tomorrow I’ll write it all down and we’ll see where we’re at next week….

In other news, the kid can now get himself into downward facing dog position. He’s been watching me do yoga each morning and I guess something is sticking. Woot! He can also put things in things. Example situation:

Budsie: “Hi!” *drops block in tipped over fridge*

Me: “Well done, Mr. Bumpkin! Way to get it in there!”

A.: “That’s what she said.”

I love my husband.


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