apr 17: it’s not snowing in the house anymore

A couple of weeks ago, I took down our xmas tree. Which I imagine led most of you to believe that I had de-xmased our house.


Right, so the thing is, when I decorated the house for xmas, I made snowflakes and put them on the windows. And in my infinite wisdom, I decided to use double-sided tape for this project. One would think that I’d have learned my lesson from the last time I used double-sided tape on a window (we still have the reminents of a poppy picture on our front door…[and when I went to write ‘poppy’, I almost wrote ‘poopy’ *chuckle*]). But clearly I forgot about the poppy picture problem because I went ahead and put no less than 24 snowflakes on our windows and left them there until today. Or maybe until forever because I can’t seem to get them off. Argh. I’ve been putting off dragging out the vinegar and nail polish remover and other household items that might help me, so today’s resolution is to stop putting this off, and take down the now yellowing and slightly tarnished looking snowflakes. Because Easter is coming up in a week and while I don’t celebrate Easter, there is something funny about having Jesus’s birthday decorations still up on his death day. I mean technically speaking he was born again during Easter so birthday decorations aren’t entirely inappropriate. No, no, no excuses, Ezmy. The snowflakes must come down.

Update: I. Hate. Double-sided tape. But the snowflakes are down. So are the poopy, I mean poppy reminents. *chuckles*


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