mar 14: ezmy resolves to…

…periodically make sure I’m staying on track with my other resolutions. This might seem like a cop out resolution for today but I’ve got a crazy day ahead of me so the most I can add in is making sure that I stick with what I’ve been doing.

So I reviewed the resolutions for February and the beginning of March to see how things were going and found that I have a 75% success rate so far. Woot! Resolutions to work on:

*Eating dried beans: here, I blame kidney beans. I’m not a fan but we have this big bag of them to get through. What I need to do is have a chili party and invite 50 people. Or start making other things with dried beans…like marakas or jewelry.

*Taking my vitamins: But this morning I did. I need a reminder of sorts so I’ve stuck them next to the Brita. This worked when I was pregnant so I have high hopes.

*Reading: I can’t believe this has been so difficult for me. I used to read voraciously. But I’ve just been way more into writing and sleeping lately.

*Losing the damn weight: I’m now plugging things into a food diary to get an idea of where things are falling off the wagon (but more to have a written record that doesn’t lie). Possible reason I’m not getting anywhere: wine and cheese consumption. Curses. But if I exercised more, I could probably cancel these out a bit…more walking = more wine? Motivation!



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