feb 22: ezmy resolves to…

…drink eight glasses of water each day. So that I never again wake up at 3am feeling as though Sleeping Ezmy ate her weight in uber salty popcorn. Ugh. Then you have to have the debate with yourself – is it worth getting up, fumbling all the way upstairs just for a glass of water, or can I ignore this thirst and fall back asleep? I ignored it…and regretted doing so at 7am when I woke up with mouthful of sand. Double Ugh.

I used to be great at getting my liquids in. I usually start each day with dehydrating coffee, sure, but I like to think I recover from this damage with 3 or 4 mugs of lemongrass tea, a few glasses of ice water with dinner and then a mug of some sort of herbal tea at bed. The thing is that lately, with a kid to keep busy and the writing picking up, I seem to be running out of time to get the water in. Worse, I’m drinking way more coffee than I used to (to which those of you who know me will say: how is that possible?). So my face looks like crap as do my hands. My skin, bad at the best of times, has completely abandoned me, leaving in its place a withered old lady face. Pathetic, really.

Thus hydrating has been my focus for today. And I’m doing ok. Back to lemongrass tea with lunch and a glass of water to start the day. I am sipping wine right now but I’ll take a glass of aqua to bed with me, I promise.

An update on previous resolutions: I ran out of bus tickets! Boo. But only temporarily – I have more now. And I haven’t purchased my poor plant yet – that’s for tomorrow. Stupid stores being closed on Family Day. What a ridiculous thing, Family Day. In Ottawa, it was Family Day for, like, two people. Feds don’t have families apparently. Neither do customer service workers in most places. Argh.


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