feb 21: ezmy resolves to…

…buy a plant and keep it alive. Until at least the end of this calendar year, but I’d really like it to be longer.

As I’ve noted a few times on this blog, every time a plant enters my humble abode, this plant becomes incredibly depressed and promptly kills itself. I maintain that it is NOT my fault – I provide a nice, hospitable environment for my leafy friends but either a) they are overcome by grief from being separated from their other leafy friends or b) I don’t understand plant psychology.

The only plant that has survived for any length of time is Lucy, a random vine-y plant purchased by me and A. five years ago. I was going to include a picture of Lucy here, but sadly she passed away over the weekend. She had a good run of it, dear Lucy. Shame too. I thought perhaps a friend (and a shiny new pot that could accommodate her glorious root structure) would perk her up. Although I’m not sure if putting an innocent new plant next to her would have helped my cause of preventing depression in my house plants. I was depressed just looking at her in the final days.

Anyway, house plants everywhere beware! Ezmy and Budsie are heading out today to adopt one of you.

Update on previous resolutions: The bathroom is fixed! It was a two-person job in the end because I’m weak and couldn’t unscrew the previous assembly. But it’s done! Also going well: the no Kraft peanut butter breakfast resolution. I forgot just how much I adore steel cut oats. I could eat them for every meal, I really could. Oh and I didn’t have a Werther’s last night. Instead I had a homemade soy latte at 10pm and was up until 2am…what is wrong with me?

On the outfit front, I’ve had some excellent luck, re-discovering among other items a grey cotton dress that I had purchased right before getting pregnant and haven’t been able to wear since. Paired with burgundy lace tights and a black cardi, this was one hot writing outfit. Not so lucky: a black dress that makes me look like I’m still 8 months pregnant. This little number has been given a one-way ticket to the Salvation Army.


2 thoughts on “feb 21: ezmy resolves to…

  1. Plants is awesome! I miss mine – sadly most of them not survived the chaos that is my current life, but the few that have? I heart them extra. May I suggest an aloe or succulent of some kind? They’re hardy and not at all attractive to kitties looking to add some greens to their diet.
    Good luck with your plant-y adventures!

  2. I will note it is possible to kill an aloe. It takes a certain kind of skill, but it is possible.
    But do not give up hope, I am the Queen of Killing Houseplants and I have kept a small rubber-plant like plant for 4 years now! It’s next to a baby spider plant and an ivy-like plant who have only been in my evil hands for a year.. we shall see.

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