feb 18: ezmy resolves to…

…never, EVER, run out of coffee again. I had another resolution all planned out for today but this clearly takes priority. Yesterday Ezmy made herself a pot of coffee yesterday morning and looked into the empty coffee bag and said to herself “don’t worry, you can get more tonight”. Except that she didn’t. Instead, Yesterday Ezmy forgot all about me and my needs, and she went about her day and evening as usual. And this morning, I opened the cupboard and there was no coffee left. Man I hate Yesterday Ezmy. My empty little pumpkin mug hates her too.

I was supposed to finish off an article this morning for a friend’s publication and I was supposed to proofread a different article for a charity organization. Instead, I’m writing this post because I have a raging headache. Now, arguably, I should make a resolution to ween myself off of coffee because clearly I have a drug problem. Pfft. As soon as Budsie wakes up, we’re heading out to pick up some Kicking Horse. I’ve quit smoking, drinking heavily, and drugs of all other kinds. Coffee and Vogue are all I have.



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