feb 7: ezmy resolves to…

…take her vitamins. And while we’re on the subject, I also resolve to throw out the imitation Centrum that’s been sitting in the back of our medicine cabinet for 250 years as well as the unopened Amoxicillin, prescribed to me for a sinus infection that disappeared that day after I purchased the antibiotics, and the Advil that neither of us uses and that is therefore several years past the expiry date.

What is it with people and their pills? Have a gander at anyone’s medicine cabinet and you’ll be sure to find some random medication or vitamin supplement that’s been sitting there since they can’t remember when. We’re particularly protective of our vitamins, probably because they were purchased during one of those I’m-going-to-make-myself-over-into-a-healthy-person phases. That and they don’t come cheap. I once dated a guy who had a whole shoe box full of expired vitamins that he just couldn’t part with. He was crazy in a lot of ways, but that was one of them. Huh.

Anyway, I resolve to take my vitamins. I was pretty on top of them when I was pregnant, in part because the way people go on, you’d have to be a satanic child-hater to not take multivitamins during pregnancy. And I stayed on the vitamin train until I stopped boob-feeding because, well, I had leftovers from the pregnancy and wasn’t about to throw $30 down the drain. But I’ve felt lacking in vitamins and such lately, and I want to clean out our medicine cabinet. So I’m going to take them each day until they run out. Then I’m not sure what.

Riveting resolution, I know. But I’m tired and Budsie was on a nap strike today so this is what you get.


One thought on “feb 7: ezmy resolves to…

  1. I just got rid of ours. Two years past due Pepto Bismol anyone? I still had leftover pain meds from giving birth. And three big packs of Celebrex that Leif was prescribed for some pain but then got too scared to use. I wonder if I could have sold that?

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