>I’m one of THOSE girls now…

>My loyal blog readers will remember that I purchased a wedding dress last fall before finding out I was pregnant. It’s the most beautiful dress in all the land. And you will recall too that after finding out I was pregnant, some concern was expressed by others about whether or not the dress would fit. I wasn’t really concerned – I figured if it did great, if not whatever. I became slightly more concerned when I realized that there are so few dresses that I like in the first place but figured things would sort themselves out.

So at two weeks post-baby, I tried on the dress. It fit except for one (well, two) tiny (well, enormous) glitch – the breastfeeding boobage. Two extra inches of breastfeeding boobage stand between me and my dress. The rest of the dress actually fits better – I’m filling out the ass better than before for one thing. Win! But the boobage may be an issue. True, I’ve shrunk a bit in the past week so it’s really more of a 1.5 inch gap, but I can hardly wait until the day before the wedding to find out if this dress is going to fit. My genetics say it will (thanks, Mum!) but still.

The dilemma – buy a second dress and become one of those ‘two dress girls’ or hold out and risk having no dress at all. Hmmm. I decided to swallow my pride, go dress shopping, and embrace my ‘two dress girl’ status. After all, I’m not a traditional ‘two dress girl’. I didn’t buy a dress and change my mind, and I didn’t decide to buy two because I couldn’t make up my mind. I just need a safety net. A safety net made of silk and tulle. Which I found today after a brief hour long stint at a tiny bridal shop. It’s a perfectly respectable dress and if I end up wearing it, I won’t be sad.



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