>an insufficient cervix…

So two weeks ago, everything was going pretty great. Indeed, as I walked into work that morning, I couldn’t help but marvel at how lucky I was. Not many women can cheerfully walk an hour to work every morning at 7 months pregnant, I thought, and even fewer get to enjoy this walk with a crisp Pink Lady apple from Herb & Spice. Further, I noted to myself as I walked past yet another yummy smelling bakery, I was not walking to a job I hated. On the contrary, I was really starting to enjoy my job; I mean, it was still pretty dull and very very easy, but I worked with nice people and was generally left to my own devices during the day, which I loved.

Things were good.

That day, I had an ultrasound appointment to check out The Fetus’s left foot, which an ultrasound tech. had noticed might be growing a little funny. By nightfall, I was being ordered to go on ‘modified bed rest’. Wha? Not because of the foot, mind, but on account of my ‘insufficient cervix’, which as it turns out, is less than 1/3 the size it should be. W-T-F.

The last two weeks have been pretty lame, I must say. I had to stop working. I had to stop walking. I did not, thankfully, have to stop eating Pink Lady apples but I could no longer make the 45 minute trek to purchase said apples. Worst of all, though, I had to stop flying. In planes, long distances. Most inconvenient timing as my one and only little brother is getting married this weekend. I cried for days and writing about it still bothers me, so I’m going to stop.

What has perked me up immensely is the fact that Andrew and I now live in our first Grown-Up House. Crazy, eh? I’m going to miss my old neighbourhood, with its boutique shops and spiffy markets, but nothing beats having your own home. With two stories, no less. And a tiny patch of grass. Woot! There’s a bit of work that needs to be done….the last people who lived here had a penchant for pink and a smoking habit that would clearly have made Winston Churchill blush, but whatever. Its ours. *beams*

Anyway, so that’s what’s new. I would imagine that the posting is going to get a lot more frequent as I’m basically stuck on the couch for at least another four weeks (and possibly for another ten weeks…). Lately, I’ve been thinking that this blog needs a focus. You know, more than just my random ramblings. So perhaps now is the time to make this change…we shall see.


2 thoughts on “>an insufficient cervix…

  1. >I wish this was an April Fool's joke. Very sorry you're having to hang out on the couch so much. I hope you have lots of awesome books you've been dying to read :) It'll be over before you know it.

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