>2010 is the year of ezmy

So here we are. 2010. This is the year I have a baby, get married, and move into a condo with LD. It is also going to mark the first anniversary of my 29th birthday. Big times ahead. I can remember sitting around my mum’s dining-room table with my sister and brother when the announcement came on about the 2010 Winter Olympics and we all sat and chatted about where we thought we’d be. Of course the over-arching theme of this discussion was “And Ezmy will be 3o!! Hahahaha!!” (hardy har har) but other things came up too. We all thought we’d totally be in the financial position to afford going to the Olympics for one thing. HAHAHAHA. None of us factored in kids or marriage really – all of us will be married by the end of this year, and two of us will have children. I think at the time I figured I’d be living in some far off land like Luxembourg or Spain or France – I certainly never would have guessed O-town. Just makes me chuckle to think about. I’m pleased with how things have turned out (although I must admit I’m excited about us moving someday…I love you, Canada, but I need to stretch my legs).

Anyway, so it’s 2010. Usually I start the new year with a bunch of resolutions in my head. Things like ‘cut back on the booze’ or ‘stop smoking at parties’ or ‘stop dating losers’ or ‘start treating yoga like food’. Not so much this year. The first three are taken care of by the very existence of Ewan and Andrew, and the fourth is a no-brainer now. I NEED yoga like I need water. Pregnancy without yoga is just not possible, I’ve decided. My only resolution this year is to go with the flow. We have so much going on, with the baby and the wedding and the move and Andrew travelling, and blah diddy blah blah that the only sensible way to approach the year is with the following mantra: ‘Whatever, it’ll all work out’. I’m not too worried about things. The wedding will totally work out, as long as I tackle a different wedding task each weekend before the baby gets here. My goal is to have the whole party planned by June so that I won’t have to worry about wedding stuff while trying to figure out how to not accidentally kill the child. I’ve never been happier that I have five bridesmaids – delegate, delegate, delegate. The move will be fine because we’re tossing everything we own anyways and the house doesn’t need much work except for paint which can wait. And the kid, well the kid will just work I figure. I mean, heaps of people have kids everyday and it works, so whatever. My biggest concern at present is that I will accidentally leave him somewhere but if I have a baby like me (I cried for the first three years of life), I’ll have no trouble remembering him.

So that’s it. Go with the flow. This is the most excited I’ve been about a year ever. I’m nervous and excited and a little nauseous…wait, the nausea is because I need to eat. Ok, off to make some sort of healthy treat for Ewan. Olives and pasta with chard, tomato, parmasean, and some fish oil supplements? Tasty times.


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