>not mmm mmm good.

Because I’ve been so sicky lately, I haven’t had time to do regular people things. Like get groceries, for example. A., being the darling he is, brought me Campbell’s soup, something I never eat (holy sodium overload batman) but always crave when I’m sick. However, I was particularly lazy this cold so I didn’t even make the soup and then before I knew it, it was Saturday night and we had no food for dinner. Except this Campbell’s soup. Cream of “wild” mushroom, which I realize is not vegan but I care not when I’m sicky. Anyway, the only other things we had in the house were weary looking collard greens, rice, onion, garlic, and chickpeas. Now what I should have done was make something with those ingredients and forget the soup. But did I do that? No. Because I thought I could pull off some casserole thing that I remembered some parent of a friend of mine making as a child (I get strange notions whilst cooking). This parent used to put Campbell’s mushroom soup with pasta (for me rice) and chicken (for me chickpeas…totally the same, right? …) and albeit limited veg, pop it in the oven et voila! Yummy mushroom casserole. I was really in the mood for comfort food cooking so I thought, yeah I can totally do this.

Either I didn’t pay attention as a child (totally possible) or I over-estimated the timelessness of such a recipe (most likely), but either way this recipe sucked. Big time. First, I ended up using a trillion (read three) pots. I’m a one pot meal kind of gal so this irritated me. I do not like extra dishes. Second, I overcooked the rice. I realize this is not the recipe’s fault but I’m going to blame the recipe anyways because I needed to be doing too many things at once. Finally, Campbell’s cream of mushroom is disgusting. It really is. Stodgy, salty but otherwise flavourless ickiness. The “casserole” came out as a giant blobby mess. I ruined a perfectly good tin of chickpeas. Most irritating.

The moral of the story? Do not trust the instincts you had as a child when it comes to food. And avoid over-processed foods masquerading as tasty meal time treats. And if you are lactose intolerant and haven’t eaten dairy in ages, do not open with Campbell’s cream of “wild” mushroom. Ugh.


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