>A niece-y update.

So this is Freja Jean Livingstone Norrgard. With her pal, Phil the Bear. Phil is made of felted sweater. Felted, expensive sweater. See, my cousin LL’s husband, darling P., was doing laundry and well, it seems he’s not fantastic at laundry, particularly when it comes to washing expensive sweaters. JLP is quite the seamstress. And so the birth of Phil the Bear, one of a few best pals of Freja Jean. Other pals include Mr. Moo, Chokes the Giraffe, and Yellow Elephant.

No new recipes today – I’m going to test out a previous olive-y recipe on A.. It’s super strange cooking for him again but super great. Like Fialonia, he’ll eat just about anything which is most helpful on days when I have to make a dinner out of ketchup, almond butter, kale, and rice (it worked!). So after today I promise I’ll start getting more creative. I’ve gone through all of the recipes in my vegan books so I think it’s time to make the leap into veganizing non-vegan recipes. This could get interesting…


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