>location, location, location

So A. and I are getting married in August 2010. Yay! We decided on August because it’s a) in the summer and therefore before the school madness starts up again, b) after my comprehensive exams, and c) far away. Like, more than a year away.

So we can relax, right?

Wrong. The other day, I was having brunch with a good friend and she asked where I was having my wedding. I said that we hadn’t really even started looking yet, and she said “….really??“. Now, generally speaking, I’ve been able to ignore the “really??“‘s, chalking them up to paranoid crazy people who worry too much. But this particular friend is a practical sort, not at all inclined to exageration. Uh oh. But then she gave me a great idea for a location. Sweet! Which then turned out to not be available. Uh oh. So then, out of curiousity, I called around to a few other places….four – FOUR – of the six I called were already booked – ALREADY BOOKED – for the day we were thinking.


Who books their wedding location two years in advance?? Who puts down anywhere between $250.00 and $750.00 as a deposit on something they aren’t going to use for TWO YEARS!? And in some cases, three! Crazy people, that’s who. Apparently I missed the memo that said that my wedding location needed to be picked and reserved before A. and I even met. And I wouldn’t be that worried if we were only having a few people but our guest list is over 125 and that means a banquet hall type place is needed. Grr.

So next week, I’m actually looking at places. I have actual appointments booked and everything. It’s a shame, really, because I was hoping to wait until A. got back before doing any of this but, well, it seems that the crazy couples of Ottawa aren’t going to let me wait. Bastards.


5 thoughts on “>location, location, location

  1. >I understand where you’re coming from – “what? October?! But you haven’t even sent out the invitations yet!!!! You’re going to fail at life!!!!” F*ck off. Consider other venues – art gallery would be pretty cool for example. Museum? I’m sure it will be awesome where ever you have it :)

  2. >I was actually super excited about the idea of the art gallery but it’s already booked and costs, get this, $6000.00!! Just to rent the space. That doesn’t include food or anything. Bastards. The other option is the museum of Nature…fingers crossed!!

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