>sicky computer = no posting

Right, so I haven’t posted in ages because my computer has been sicky. Some sort of virus…not swine flu, but similar. I had a Geek Squad agent come take a looksie. This was a nifty experience. I love the whole house call bit and the fact that it didn’t cost more than the price of the computer itself to fix. Horrah!

At any rate, I have nothing of value to say right now but I am trying a new pasta recipe tonight from ‘Eat, Drink and Be Vegan’…stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “>sicky computer = no posting

  1. >My computer is slowly on its way out. Although my man tell me he is going to buy a new computer with tax return money… so I may resort to posting from his house.Do you have the veganomicon cookbook?

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