Ugh indeed. I can’t sleep. I haven’t posted for the past two days because I’ve been haunted by a ridiculous headache…one that has induced nausea on a few occasions over the last day or so. Lame with a capital ‘L’. And now here I am, 3:30 in the morning, staring at my cat and wishing I could fall asleep that easily. Double Lame.

My head is too full, that’s the problem. I’m firmly convinced that when too much is going on, the brain actually gets full and that’s why my head hurts and why I can’t sleep. Like when you eat a big meal and your stomach can’t digest it. My brain cannot digest the junk that’s filling it, which runs the gamut of ‘what kind of dress should I wear to my wedding’ to ‘how am I going to finish chapter three’ to ‘when in the next two days am I going to get to my taxes’. Argh.

Right, I’m off to hunt down a mug of warm soy milk and a jane austen book with names that will tire me out. With luck.


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