>i need ideas!

Last night, I took some time away from thesis-ing to make another care package for A.. One of the only good things about him being out of town for a year is care package fun. There is something so relaxing about putting random knickknacks in a tiny box, thinking up funny notes, and decorating said box. Plus who doesn’t love mail? Fun times for everyone concerned.

But I’m running out of ideas! I’ve sent treats and newspaper clippings and magazine articles and books. I’ve sent random dvds and video games, sudoku puzzles and even regular stuff like soap, tissues, etc. But I need some more ideas – any thoughts? Whatever it is, it has to be small-ish. Think shoeboxes.



2 thoughts on “>i need ideas!

  1. >How about elementary school snacks, like fruit roll-ups, those weird cheese and cracker combos, sesame snacks, puddings?They should travel well and bring back silly memories of school trips!xoxoAyns

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