>spring cleaning

No new recipe post this morning because I ate leftovers last night. Fialonia went out with NM for dinner but I opted to stay home, eat leftovers, and get some more RA work in. How mature of me. Heaps was accomplished and while I’m still way behind, I can see a light. It’s the size of a font 11 Times New Roman period, but it’s there.

Aside from work, this weekend was also the start of the great spring clean. Every few months, I go through all of my stuff and purge but spring is generally my most ruthless time. I purge everything from cell phone numbers, to clothes, to glassware. It generally takes about a week for me to move around my house, tossing crap left, right and center. So Saturday was spent purging my phone (I have a terrible habit of punching in numbers without adding the name, saying to myself ‘oh, you’ll remember’. I do not. I apologize in advance for any friend’s number I may have just deleted), and filing cabinet (why oh why do I still have articles concerning transatlantic security?). And Sunday, I started on my computer…well my internet accounts. And here is where things get tricky. I got to my Facebook page and was all prepared to be ruthless and cut the list but I couldn’t do it. And I don’t know why. At least one quarter of my ‘friends’ list is made up of people I went to elementary/juniorhigh/highschool with and I never spoke to them THEN let alone now. Another chunk is people I know through other people who I can only assume added me because they wanted to beef up their own list. Of 298 people, about 90 of them could probably be removed. But I – can’t – do – it. I don’t what I’m worried about. That they’ll notice the loss of one facebook friend? I lose friends all the time and never know who it is. That they’ll get a message that says “Ezmy is officially no longer your friend”? I don’t think that happens. No, I’m not sure why I’m hesitating but I just can’t do it. Ridiculous.

Right, off to start another spring cleaning chore: cleaning out the magazine collection. Anything older than this year has to go. Unless it’s Vogue. All Vogues stay.


One thought on “>spring cleaning

  1. >Cleaning up facebook friends is a huge task. I got it down to people who were at one time people I talked to in real life, but this includes friends from pre-school.

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