>a hiccup

A couple of things:

1) Healthy Ezmy totally fell off the wagon last night. With a resounding crash: she ate cream cheese, she ate cookies, she drank beer, and she smoked five cigarettes. But!! She woke up this morning, made herself some oatmeal and was back on track in no time. I consider this progress; in the past, when I have done these total body makeovers, I have a) only lasted for one week and b) remained firmly off the wagon after one hiccup. Well no more. Today, I am going for an extra long walk, sipping ginger tea to calm my stomach after the cream cheese fiasco, and going to bed early. In short, I am going to pick up and move on. How grown-up.

2) L-dog has been gone for 40 days. And over the last few days, something has really been grating my vegan cheese…I can’t stop missing him. Everything is going well and all – I’m happily working my way through school, a pile of marking, and research work and I’m going out with friends and having fun and blah diddy blah blah. But it’s as though everything I do is less colourful, less brilliant than it would be if l-dog were around. All events are dulled by the lack of l-dog smarm. For example, last night I was getting all dressed up for Hallowe’en and rockin’ out with Fialonia and it was so much fun but I kept thinking about how much l-dog loves this holiday and how much he would like my wicked costume and so even though I was having a crazy good time, it was ever so slightly tarnished by the lack of l-dog. Sigh. In short, I miss my person and want him to come home. 325 days to go. Boo.


2 thoughts on “>a hiccup

  1. >i agree with kristen. take a free day each week to fall off the wagon. i had too many days this week to fall off… birthday, halloween, tonight… november should be my good month…

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