>new vices

So here we are. Day Three of Healthy Ezmy. Healthy Ezmy clearly has more time on her hands for posting. This is because Healthy Ezmy is not spending the morning hours nursing a slight hang over but is, in fact, wide awake at 730 and working out. I used to hate people like Healthy Ezmy. I still kind of do.

In an effort to curb cravings for wine/coffee/cigarettes/junkfood, I’m trying to find other vices. On Day One, I thought I could just buy a bar of uber dark chocolate and eat a square for a treat each night. My sister does that. She has enviable will power. I, on the other hand, do not – I ate the entire bar at once. Right, so that’s not going to work.

My next attempt was walking. Walking is not so much a vice as a distraction. And it’s working pretty well. I’ve gone on two hour walks each day now along with little walks to stop me from making coffee. But it’s going to be harder when winter arrives…plus I can’t get any work done when I’m walking. So I need something else.

My most recent attempt has been almond butter. I know that sounds weird but I friggin’ love this stuff. Way better than peanut butter. Add a banana and flax toast and it’s almost sinful.


Day Three has also brought with it ever-so-slight relief from the caffeine headaches that have plagued me through Day One and Day Two. Thank. fuck. I’m still waiting for the greasy food/wine withdrawal to pass but that is far less painful.

see? I told you they would be boring posts.


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