A funny thing happened to me while I was getting my new SIN card today. I went to Service Canada and filled out the forms and whatnot and then the SIN card replacer lady said “so, we have you listed as living at 1438 Blackbrant Rd., Parksville, BC.


I haven’t lived at 1438 Blackbrant Rd. Parksville, BC for 10 years. I’ve had 9 different addresses since that time. I’ve lived in Victoria, Toronto, Wolfville and now Ottawa. I’ve filed taxes, and replaced id, and paid bills in each of these places. How on earth do these people have that address? But what was most interesting to me was how, according to Service Canada, I went from living in Parksville with my folks to living in Ottawa with A.. It’s interesting and refreshing somehow. It’s as if all that garbage – the crap apartments and crappier boy/girlfriends, the awful jobs, the big life mistakes – never happened. And I know what you’re thinking: “but those are the things that make you who you are today, ezmy” and you are correct. But whatever. Service Canada saw the gawky, excessively neurotic 13 3/4 year old ezmy when she applied for her SIN card and has now seen the wonderful, only slightly less neurotic 27 and 3/4 year old ezmy with no knowledge of the in between and that, for some strange reason, makes me feel lovely.


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