>so tired that my speech is all slurring…

quick, someone remind me why i’m in grad school. because right now i could so go for a little 1950s housewifery. Or a little hairdressing. Or perhaps some trailerparking? Anything that will allow me to a) go to bed before 6am and b) not feel like an incompetent fool. Right, so scratch the hairdressing. But still.

Fack I’m tired. And yet, I really, really love what I’m doing. Which kinda makes me wonder about my mental state.

Off to write some more about gender/environment/postmodernism…



One thought on “>so tired that my speech is all slurring…

  1. >Now you know you really don’t want that 50’s housewifery. Maybe part time on the side, you know after all the papers are done. If only cupcakes would transport well with Canada Post, I could send you some domestic goodness.

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