>mini mitts

Do you know what I did today? I purchased an exceptionally silly pair of miniature oven mitts. I did NOT finish the readings that I wanted to finish. I did NOT finish the assignment that I wanted to finish. I did NOT remember to pick up the dry-cleaning. But I remembered that one time, a while ago, I burned my hand in the oven and I decided that today was the day to purchase mini oven mitts. Which in itself is ridiculous because mini oven mitts don’t cover the whole hand – more to the point, they don’t cover the part that I burned before… you know, the burn that spurred the whole mini oven mitt purchase. But I couldn’t really afford the regular oven mitts. Well, I couldn’t afford the cute regular oven mitts…there were lame ones there in my price range but they had grandma flowers all over them or little pictures of cheese graters. No thanks. So I picked up these polka dot semi-useless mini oven mitts that are very cute and that will certainly not work properly for me long run and that I will eventually replace with new, full-sized oven mitts which means that I will have spent WAY more than was necessary on effing oven mitts in total.

My brain hurts. And now I’m off to read about other people’s existential crises. I should wear my cute polka dot mini oven mitts while I read. Get some use out of them.



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