>tiny rant

What the hell is wrong with me? I have had the same hair on my head for 26 years (minus 1-2 years of shaved headedness). I know what’s going to happen when I do certain things like pop rollers in or straighten it or what have you. So why the HELL do I think that bangs/fringes are a good idea? I know what happens – I’m sitting on the bus and I see this hot woman and she has a kick ass fringe and I think “boy, I’d sure like to have hair like that”. And then for the next couple of days I become obsessed with bangs. I check out a million different pictures and I think of new cutting techniques I could use that would work with my hair. Throughout this time, the voice in the back of my head – the intelligent but all together too quiet voice – says “no no no, remember what happened last time?” But ultimately I ignore this voice, rather the voice is distorted or drowned out by the much louder and considerably stupider voice in my head that says “bah you’ll be fine!”. And so I do it. I cut the damn bangs. And for the next 6 months I wake up every morning cursing myself and the bloody extra 100 minutes I have to spend fixing my stupid hair.



3 thoughts on “>tiny rant

  1. >My hairdresser demanded I let her give me bangs. Luckily they looked better than what I had been sporting but they are definietely a pain in the ass when I get up in the morning.

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