Today has been one of those random days where I feel all…off.

It all started at 3am with a massive clap of thunder which jolted me out of bed, scaring the living daylights out of me. I’m generally a fan of thunder but not when it feels like it’s actually in my house and not when I’m in the middle of a nightmare in which I’m fighting some guy off of me with arms that feel like jello (think Harry Potter no-bones). It took me an hour, and a bit of ‘When Harry met Sally’, to fall back asleep.

Around 7am, an obviously crazy person ripped my alarm clock out of the wall and threw it at the laundry basket. I say obviously crazy because she managed to break the face off of said clock.

Around 10am, the phone woke me up and instead of just letting it ring, I leapt out of bed and fell flat on my face. I managed to get to the phone and I remember hearing a sexy voice on the other end but that is all. I then crawled back to the bedroom in significant pain.

From that point on I was awake but the day was all thrown off. Random people messaged me with random-type messages right off and I didn’t get coffee in my system within the first thirty minutes of waking so my head started pounding in typical drug addict fashion. Then I couldn’t think of anything funny slash intelligent to say to the second dose of sexy voice and ended up coming across as a bit ridiculous and a lot lame. Further, my entire house seems to be infested with tiny white spiders which is good because I was just starting to get used to the fact that nothing was wrong with my apartment. Sigh.

I’m thinking though, that it’s only 2pm. So perhaps things will get better.


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