>oh you just watch me

My thesis advisor has no faith in my ability to complete my thesis by my self-assigned due date of June 9. This is because the last time I set myself a due date, I obviously didn’t make it and am still writing the damn thing 3 months later (which may or may not be because I wrote 40 pages and realized that it was absolute garbage and then made the ill-advised, alcohol-infused, post-breakup decision to delete all 40 pages – note to self: post-breakup cleansing should only go so far as getting rid of the significant others stuff, not your own).

Well. We’ll just see who gets the last laugh here. This thesis is going to rock a ridiculous amount of ass. So there. Take that Dr. AF. Booya.


Back to writing.


4 thoughts on “>oh you just watch me

  1. >Sometimes the best motivator is revenge: sweet, sweet revenge! And of course, the chance to go “Look Mr. Almighty Professor, you were WRONG – W.R.O.N.G!”. Uh, not that I’ve given it alot of though… ;)

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