>There are two of us now.


Ezmy’s younger sister, the charming Lady Heather, has joined the blogosphere. We’re slowly taking over…

In other less exciting news, I am awake at 7am after one hell of a hideous dream. David Schwimmer lost his head. Literally. I was next but I woke up – ah the power of being the dreamer and not just the average cast member in said dream. What the hell is wrong with my brain? I have Stephen King dreams and yet in conscious life, I can’t handle the violence on Matlock. Head-losing dreams or similar are always a sign that I’m stressed. Damnit.

Thankfully, the cat is here. She’s eating my elbow, but she’s here.


3 thoughts on “>There are two of us now.

  1. >My cat tried to eat a pound puppy this morning. When it wouldn’t die she took it out on me.Say hi to Zoe for me.Who’s that excessively attractive girl in that picture with you? GIVE ME HER NUMBER!

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