>A fresh breath of Toronto

> Lovely weekend.

Aynsley arrived Saturday morning, looking stunning in a spiffy béret. I love when I first see any of the Wallace Women after months of separation…even though none of us are 19 anymore, there’s something about us that never changes. Ayns and I spent the day in Wolfville discount shopping (Ayns found a plastic lobster plate with how-to-eat-lobster instructional pictures on it – the perfect present for any occasion). Met up with the fabulous Leah, her boyfriend David and of course the complicated Rivers for drinks and fun at the Library Pub. Multiple beverages were had, and rumour has it that Rivers had a duel with gravity and lost. A successful Saturday.

Sunday I slept in!! It was beautiful. Walked lackadaisically (my new favourite word) down Gaspereau Ave to Just Us for coffee and muffins, showed off the bunker, and spent the rest of the day preparing and eating food and drinking mass quantities of wine. Fell asleep for the second night in a row feeling satisfied.

Reality hit me in the face today. Said farewell to Toronto WW and as she boarded the Acadien bus bound for Halifax Airport I realized that I was in fact going to have to go home and finish the damn thesis. I’m not going to lie to you. I took the long way home.

Now I’ve just finished watching ‘Love Actually’ (hey! I did a bit of writing) and I am sipping the last of the wine and eating the last of the cheese and crackers.

Contented sigh with a hint of impending doom.


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