>contented sigh


I have just spent the last three hours reading (and finishing) a novel (“Agnes Grey” by Anne Bronte – I have finally read all Bronte novels) with my favourite cat resting on my chest. The sun is shining, I have a bag of pistachios next to me….life is very good.


6 thoughts on “>contented sigh

  1. >radmama – yeah i’m not much of a bronte fan either. particularly not anne – too much religious mumbo-jumbo for me. jane eyre was one of my first ‘serious novels’ so there is a little bit of nostalgia there and wuthering heights was the only book i had to read in highschool that didn’t make me hurl :P. i am now moving on to anton chekhov (trying to get through all the books i never read so i don’t keep carting them around with me)

  2. >radmama: oh they are only short stories so it’s not so bad. i’ve completed my jane austen collection – emma, sense and sensibility, and pride and prejudice. LOVE emma. :)

  3. >Zoe is awfully cute. I think her and Miso must be sisters. In our limited meetings, they seem much alike – highly intelligent, but with a HUGE ‘blonde gene’ and a need to be cuddled/played with that can never be satisfied.Jane Austen and all her type make me hurl. I had to read all of those books in high school. See, I took advanced english more or less because smart chicks are hot, and less because I liked what we read. I never made it through Pride and rRejudice and all that Mr. Darcy mumbo-jumbo… luckily, A&E did a mini-series on the show that year! There were a few highlights though – like memorizing the opening bits of the Cantebury Tales, and being criticized for not speaking ‘proper’ old english. :P

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