>Appropriate in a funny way…

First we eat, then we do everything else. — MFK Fisher

The Gourmet Girl is a Foodie with a capital F. All her activities seem to revolve around food, even when she’s on vacation. She’d prefer to be mushroom hunting, sampling the wine country, or making a culinary tour of the South of France with the Michelin restaurant guide tucked under her arm. Or she might just rent a villa and spend the entire time in the kitchen, cooking elaborate dinners for friends and family.

Here’s the key to the Gourmet Girl: she’s a connoisseur. She appreciates the finer things, and she’ll gladly pay more for them. She will shell out $1.59 for a blood orange instead of 69 cents for the navel variety, and it’s not because they are fancier and more expensive. She doesn’t care about status or prestige. For the Gourmet Girl, it’s all about quality. She selects cars and clothes — anything she buys — based on how well they are made. While the Uptown Girl may sleep on high-thread-count, all-cotton sheets simply because she always has, the Gourmet Girl does it because, like The Princess and the Pea, she can feel the difference.

(Got this queiz from vesper…can’t find link to it now though (wait…ah yes thanks radmama). Ah well. This is apparently me. Now, anyone who really knows me is aware of the fact that cooking is not my strong suit…indeed, it is my weakest suit. However, the appreciation and love of food is what makes this little profile so very me)


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